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Welcome to Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia..
Gallop-Thru-Time Framing and Banyan Art Gallery is owned and operated by Peter and Cathy Farnden who have lived and worked in this region since 1982.
Aboriginal, australian and contempory art, prints and sporting memorabilia....
Banyan Art Gallery stock a very large range of aboriginal art, many works on canvas, small to very large in size. Works on paper also make up part of our stock. Aboriginal artists; Paddy Wainburranga Fordham, Lorna Napurrula Fencer, Kenneth Wark, Brett White are only some of the artists work we stock.
We also have a collection of Australian art on offer, works by Bonnie Stephens, Gillian Banks, Sonya Hart, Tom McAulay, Kathleen Donald and many more. Further information can be obtained through our email address, situated at two locations below.
Prints are also available, with many books and folders available for your perusal. Sporting memorabilia can also be purchased through our gallery, along with old photo restorations.
How we can help you....
Aboriginal art, australian art, australian prints, framed art, framed prints, expert framing advice, huge selection of framing materials, good imaginative framing techniques, large selection of prints to choose from, large selection of aboriginal & australian art, contact us about the aboriginal artists, as well as local australian artists.

Prices and Purchasing
Prices for all aboriginal art are on application, just simply send an email or contact by phone outlining the pieces of interest and we will release all the relivent details including any post/pack if required.

Overseas purchasers are very welcome, there is a good freight company operating, which has a good track record. Another option is through Australia Post, however there are some size restrictions.

Katherine, located some 330klms south of Darwin in the Northern Territory. With an estimated population of 11,000, this community has a significant role in the economics of the Top End. There is an active business centre, along with high standard accommodation, restuarants and sporting clubs. Five primary schools and a high school to meet the education needs, as well as excellent transportation in and out of the town by way of road or air services. Tourism, agriculture, defence, horticulture are only some of the industries for this thriving community.

Acrylic on canvas - Miminarrk (billygoat plum)
Artist; Mary Kunji, Nauiyu Community, Daly River, Northern Territory.